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The Tort and Insurance Bar Association, support by The Bar of Ireland, is dedicated to overseeing matters relating to developments in the area of tort and insurance, and engages with a variety of bodies on the personal injuries landscape in Ireland.


The Tort and Insurance Bar Association was established to develop and strengthen the profession’s position in respect of this area of practice, and to consider evolving issues. 


Section 26 Applications – Caution where defendants dare to tread

In the recent Court of Appeal Judgment in Keating v Mulligan [2022] IECA 257, Noonan J. reaffirmed the principles governing applications pursuant to Section 26 of the Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004.

Section 26 Applications – Caution where defendants dare to tread
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Champion of Equitable Briefing

The Bar of Ireland’s new Equitable Briefing Policy, approved by Council in June 2022, sets out a number of supports that the Council provide to members, including but not limited to, the development of specialist areas of practice through the formation of the Specialist Bar Associations.

The Equitable Briefing Policy asks that solicitors make all reasonable endeavours to consider gender in selecting a diverse panel of barristers with the required seniority, expertise, and experience.

International Memberships

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