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Upcoming events will be announced in due course

Previous Events

SLBA TIBA 3 March.jpg
The Law Reform Commission Consultation on Unincorporated Bodies: Structure & Liability Questions for Sporting Bodies
Date: Friday 3rd March
Time: 4.15pm 
Location: Gaffney Room & Online

TIBA 8th Feb.jpg
National Claims Information Database

Date: Wednesday 8th February 
Time: 9.00am
Location: Gaffney Room & Online

Please note that this event is for  members only.
TIBA_16 Nov.png
Torts, Sports and the Courts; Does statutory change of tort liability work?

Date: Wednesday, 16 November
Time: 4.30pm
Location: Gaffney Room & Online
TIBA CPD 18 Oct.jpg
Tort & Insurance Bar Association CPD with The Hon. Mr. Justice Paul Coffey

Date: Tuesday, 18th October
Time: 8.30am
Location: Gaffney Room & Online
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